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2021-08-25 18:51:14
  • 优麒麟(Ubuntu Kylin)
  • 优麒麟(Ubuntu Kylin)

    • 优麒麟(Ubuntu Kylin)
    • Photoshop(Wine)

      Latest Version:1.0

    Bit:64   Size:530M
    OS:Ubuntu Kylin

    20.04 Feedback

    App info

    Wine (short for "Wine Is Not an Emulator") is a compatibility layer that can run Windows applications on a variety of POSIX-compliant operating systems (such as Linux, Mac OSX, and BSD, etc.).

    Photoshop mainly deals with digital images composed of pixels. Using its numerous editing and drawing tools, you can effectively edit pictures. ps has many functions, which are involved in image, graphics, text, video, publishing and other aspects.

    Installation method

    1.Download the Wine Environment Pack:
                Wine environment package download address: 

    2.Download the Photoshop (Wine) package:
               Photoshop (wine) package download address:

    3.Terminal input:

        sudo apt-get install -f -y ./ukylin-wine_70.6.3.25_amd64.deb

        sudo apt-get install -f -y ./ukylin-ps6_1.0_amd64.deb

    Note: Please check the installation method of non-deb package