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2021-07-12 14:46:17
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    Bit:32/64   Size:78.5M
    OS:Ubuntu/Ubuntu Kylin

    app info

    CrossOver is a system compatible software that allows you to run Windows applications on a Linux system without having to purchase a Windows license, without having to restart the system, and without using a virtual machine. With CrossOver, you can launch Windows applications directly from the start menu, seamlessly integrating with your Linux system functions.

    In order to further enrich the ecological software, Unikylin and CodeWeavers are actively cooperating and adapting, and officially launched the CrossOver Unikylin version, so that the Unikylin system can be compatible with running Windows applications. At the same time, WeChat (crossover version) and QQ (crossover version) will be put on the Kirin software store to facilitate the one-click installation experience for ordinary users.

    Installation method

    Users who download and install 20.04 and 20.10 from the official website of Ubuntu Kylin

    1. Update the software source and restart:

    $ sudo apt-get update

    $ sudo apt-get upgrade

    2. Open the Kylin software store, search for "WeChat (crossover version)" and "QQ (crossover version)", and install it with one click.

    Welcome everyone to actively feedback your experience and optimization opinions to the official. Thank you for your attention and support to Unikylin!

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