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Youker Assitant V1.3.3 Released!

2015-03-06 15:38:58
Youker Assistant is a desktop management software, developed by Ubuntu Kylin for Linux users.
Features are as follows:
  • complying with GPL and disclosing the source codes;
  • complying with Linux safety rules and to be a root user by using policykit;
  • aiming at easier to use by using QT + QML;
  • Powerful System Office, providing the function of Cleanup, Feature, SysInfo and so on. 
Since July 2013, UK has released a total of 20 upgraded versions and nearly one million downloads. It currently supports Chinese, English, Spanish and many other languages and around the world has a lot of active users. 
Fixed bugs in V1.3.3:
  • the wrong display of dynamic images during the Quick Cleanup;
  • No Chinese introduction about Youker Assistant and associated compiled dependencies;
  • getting stuck on the log-in page when the network is abnormal.



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