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Ubuntu Kylin Software Center V1.3.0 Released!

2015-02-13 17:28:37
Compared to Ubuntu Kylin Software Center V1.1.3, V1.3.0 modifications are as follows:
1. Providing users with an list about installation record and viewing "My Software" and one-click installation software after log-in;
2. Obtaining and automatically updating the software icons from the server;
3. Developing a comment rules, so that users can comment software more conveniently;
4. Add the user translation function, the user has submitted a query translation function;
5. Providing resources to upload and download in the server ;
6. Optimizing the function button in detailed interface, the search function and jumping interface;
7. Fixing some important bugs:

#1409187There always popups a report dialog asking the user to update the source

#1402953Cannot enable the closed Apps(not all) after click the "启动“ button again in My application page

#1379117The status button is different between homepage and detail page when install application

#1396428In Update Section, search any app which installed in system, the status of application in detail info page is wrong

#1396051No "安装/升级/卸载×ד prompt in the process list when install/uninstall/update application in "My application list"


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