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Youker Assitant V2.0.1 Released!

2015-04-14 14:39:20

Youker Assitant V2.0.1[Download]

1) a brand new UI, supporting variable skins and an easier interface;
2) a faster start, providing a more friendly user experience;
3) a better Cleanup, with a more convenient garbage cleaning;
4) a flexible management for the Toolbox with plugins, supporting an easier community involvement;
5) fixing some bugs.


A note for community enthusiasts who want to participate in the development of Youker Assistant:

Source Address:

Youker Assistant supports a flexible management for the Toolbox with plugins. Users can add your own code to that of Youker Assitant, as a separate plug-in so that it can generate so library and load the plugin when starting the software. The plugin can also be started by clicking the corresponding plug-in logo in toolbox.
For Example:
1. Add the name of to (refer to the existing plugin: shredmanager and processmanager)
2. Add the corresponding plug-in logo to the resource file,img.qrc. The route is:/model/res/plugin/