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Ubuntu Kylin Community co-organized Open-source Developers - Shanghai Songjiang Station with Linuxeden

2015-04-23 10:25:40

Ubuntu Kylin(优麒麟)社区协Linux伊甸园举办“开源者行上海松江站”

Open-source Developers - Shanghai Songjiang Station will be held on April 25 in Songjiang University Town which was co-organized by Ubuntu Kylin Community, Linuxeden open source community, MS Open Tech and Donghua University Open-source Association. The event aims to  popularize Linux basic knowledge, cultivate potential Linux developers and make Linux and open-source culture root in Songjiang University Town. Luo Lei (Robert Luo), a core developer in Ubuntu Kylin open-source project, will come to the spot to make a speech and answer question for you.
Activity Content:
  • Brief Introduction to Kaiyuanshe, Linuxeden and Donghua University Open-source Association(by Cao Lu, a student of Donghua University, 10 mins)
  • Open Technologies about Hackathon Platform(by Shan Zhidi, 35 minutes)
  • Simple Analyze of Ubuntu / Ubuntu Kylin and other Linux boot mechanism(by Dr. Luo Lei, 35 minutes)
  • 30-minute interacting session
Activity Schedule:
Time&Date: 2 pm, April 25
Location: Room 1238, First Teaching Building, Songjiang University Town Capmus, Donghua University
Luo Lei (Robert Luo), a doctor from National University of Defense Technology and core developer in Ubuntu Kylin open-source project, UK community manager and main developer of Kuaipan for Linux
Shan Zhid, the current chief project manager of MS Open Tech(China), is engaged in open-source technologies, cloud computing and big data related to the development and promotion of new technologies.