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Linux Desktop Development Roundtable Summit successfully held in Star City

2017-11-14 15:54:22

On May 25, 2017, Linux Desktop Development Roundtable Summit co-organized by Safe and Reliability Technology Industry Alliance and NUDT and undertaken by Ubuntu Kylin Community and Tianjin Kylin Information Technology Co., Ltd. is held in NUDT, Changsha. The summit’s host is Dr. Yu Jie, head of the Ubuntu Kylin community. Wang Li, secretary general of Safe and Reliability Technology Industry Alliance, Wu Qingbo, a researcher and director of the Foundation Software Engineering Center, NUDT and Dai Huadong, a researcher and vice director of the Foundation Software Engineering Center, NUDT attend and address the conference. The meeting also invited Wei Lifeng, the chief engineer of Tianjin Kylin, Zhu Jianwei, the vice president of R&D center, China Standard Software Co., Ltd, Li Xiangkai, the general manager of Basic Software Technology Department, Isoft, Wang Yong, the vice president of Wuhan Deepin, An Yang, a software development director of Emindsoft, Wang Fang, the president of SPGnux, Jiang Jiang, a senior manager of Sogou Company, Ma Jun, a doctor of NUDT, and other leaders and researchers of domestic operating systems and key application research and development teams attend the meeting and deliver wonderful speeches.


From the development history of the domestic operating system to the current development opportunities, from the development status of Linux desktops to the key technologies and application trends, from the difficult challenges faced by the domestic desktop systems to the hard work and preliminary results achieved in the promotion process, the speeches make everyone have more profound understandings on promoting the development of Linux desktop. More than 70 people, including enterprise executives, developers and Linux desktop enthusiasts from open source communities, are invited to the conference for the first time. In the afternoon session, attendees talk about the Linux desktop experience, education and training, community promotion and domestic operating system development and other issues launched a warm exchange of views and put forward many constructive comments and suggestions. As Wang Li said he hopes to create more opportunities to organize similar exchange and discussion activities in the future .
During the conference, the participants visits NUDT and experienced the Galaxy spirit.


Since Linux was founded by Linus Torvalds, open standards, open source architectures, open source ecosystem and application solutions have gradually become a culture and spirit for the software community. And the open-source industry have also gained rapid development in China to promote China Software technology, talent and the promotion of the entire computer science.
Linux Desktop Development Roundtable Summit represents the first-class level of China's Linux desktop operating system community. As more and more people in China are concerned about and invested in open source technologies, the open source community in China becomes open and cooperative and leads the development of open source. The power of discourse in the world is gradually improving and becoming a Chinese force to be reckoned.

(Photographied by Liu Huan, Linux user group, NUDT)