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Official release of Ubuntu Kylin with 17.10, new style, new experience

2017-11-14 17:23:56

Beijing 20th October 2017: Ubuntu Kylin Team releases Ubuntu Kylin 17.10 opensource operating system(version code: Artful Aardvark) officially, updating system kernel, desktop environment, featured applications and cooperating software. In the mean time, opensource versions of Ubuntu 17.10/ Lubuntu 17.10 /Ubuntu Mate 17.10 and so on are releasing today.

Kernel updated to Linux 4.13, new features including:
●  Structure layout randomly
●  Support origin TLS protocol
●  Huge page exchange mechanism
●  Improved write-back error processing
●  Better asynchronous I/O support
●  Using next-interrupt prediction implement better power management
●  Eliminate DocBook tool chain and formatting documentary etc.
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In desktop environment and system support:
●  A whole new icon style
●  Adjust control panel layout and merge lockscreen setting page
●  Add searching result real time showing function to File Manager
● Add manage function for “Recent files” in File Manger
●  Add “Open by terminal” and “unzip” function for File Manager
●  Optimize boot speed for Start Menu
● Add driveless print support for IPP Everywhere, Apple AirPrint, Wi-Fi Direct and Mopria devices

In featured applications, updated Kylin series applications to the newest version, a brand new application Kylin Audio/Video Player is added:

Ubuntu Kylin Software Center


● Fix the bug about updating software source fail at first time
●  Add edit function for setting interface and software source
●  Speed up Software Center boot
●  Modify Software Center detail interface
● Translate database edit and database software

Kylin Assistant (Origin name: Youker Assistant)


● Add threadpool
●  Modify system information page as dynamic loading
●Optimize capacity algorithm, network card and hard disk access method in system information

Kylin Video


Kylin Video utilizes MPV and MPlayer as background play engine. Its GUI front end is written by Gt5. Plus, it supports both x86 and ARM platform. As a powerful video player, Kylin Video supports most of the audio and video formats. Functions of shortcut keys/ preview/ screenshot/ sound settings/ subtitles and so on are provided. Users can even customize settings as they like.

Third-party applications are updated to the newest version:
Sougou Input Method


Sougou pinyin input method Linux version is developed by Ubuntu Kylin Team and Sougou. It has functions like intellectual pinyin/ automatic match and diverse skin. The recent version is 2.2:
●  Add input method cross platform lexicon synchronization(supports Linux、Windows、Mac、Android )
● Add custom phrase function
● Optimized UI
● Optimized input stability
● Fix several bugs

Kingsoft WPS


WPS is a desktop office suite, which has word/ sheet and slide processing functions. Ubuntu Kylin Teams works with Kinsoft to provide a free WPS for Ubuntu Kylin users. This version fixed several bugs, in the mean time, optimized media function. The version in this system is    
●Fixed bug: right-click copy and cut file name in save as window, wps seized up and stopped
●Optimize WPS/ET module open and save efficiency, WPP open efficiency
● Fixed animation effect error bug
●Fixed font error bug
●Fixed print window error bug
Wendun foxit reader


Wendun foxit reader is based on foxit reader Linux version, aimed at Chinese users, for a easier using experience. It provides PDF reading, bookmark print functions etc., makes your PDF file reading and using more convenient.
Downloading system at