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New Version of WPS for Ubuntu Kylin Released!

2018-06-19 11:56:12

New Version of WPS for Ubuntu Kylin Released!

Kingsoft rencently released new version of WPS for Ubuntu Kylin(version: This version provides latest features of user account system and cloud office, which will help you to process and synchrize documents on different platforms and terminals. It also includes all updates and improvements since last release. We believe this new version will bring the best office experience to our users.

New Version of WPS for Ubuntu Kylin Released!

Now the new version of WPS is ready for installation in Ubuntu Kylin software Repository. You can install it online as follows. You also can download the deb package from Ubuntu Kylin official website ( WPS official website ( free.。


1、For Ubuntu Kylin(18.04/16.04):

(1) sudo apt update

(2) sudo apt install wps-office 

2、For other Ubuntu distribution(18.04/16.04):

(1) edit source list file: /etc/apt/sources.list, add new line:   deb bionic main

(on 16.04, you should replace bionic with xenial)

(2) sudo apt install ubuntukylin-keyring

(3) sudo apt update

(4) sudo apt install wps-office

More information about WPS and Ubuntu Kylin:

WPS Office Software, a leading office productivity suite for PC and mobile devices. WPS Office for Linux brings the world’s best office experience to the Linux community, offering complete compatibility with Microsoft Office document formats, including PPT, DOC, DOCX, XLS, and XLSX. You can get more info from

Ubuntu Kylin is an open source operating system dominated by CCN open source joint laboratory and Tianjin Kylin Ltd. CCN were created by CSIP, Canonical and NUDT in 2013 who is aimed to promote open source development, innovation and popularization. Ubuntu Kylin was born to be an offical flavor of Ubuntu. It aims to provide an user-friendly, powerful and stable experence for world wide Linux users. It ships an Windows-like desktop environment called UKUI and dozens of practical and excellent applications developed by Ubuntu Kylin team or cooperated with software manufacturers.Besides CCN lab, its developers also come from Debian, Ubuntu, Mate, LUPA, etc. There have been 11 released versions since 13.04 which includes 3 LTS versions ( 14.04,16.04,18.04 ).