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A New Feature of Ubuntu Kylin 18.10: Feedback

2018-10-17 10:42:49

Ubuntu Kylin 18.10 Final will release two days later. This time, it also will ship lots of new features. Today, I will introduce a new feature of it: Feedback!

A New Feature of Ubuntu Kylin 18.10: Feedback

 Start Menu-Feedback

First of all, open the start menu. And then click Feedback. Yes! That is! You can see the following window.

A New Feature of Ubuntu Kylin 18.10: Feedback


The detailed explanations for Feedback are described below:

1. Feedback Type

There are four types, including System Bug, Suggestion, For Business and Others. System bug means the error encountered when you use Ubuntu Kylin. Suggestion means your expectation or opinions. If you just want to get help, you can choose Others.

2. Description

Please describe the bug or suggestion in detail. When do you find the bug? What is the bug? How does the bug appear?

3. Email

Please fill in your frequently used email address.

4. Pictures

A picture can give a visual representation of the bug. You can choose a picture and upload it along with the descriptions. How? You can take a screenshot by Screenshot in Start Menu. Also you can just press the PrintScreen button on the keyboard. The pictures are saved in the /home/kylin/Pictures.

A New Feature of Ubuntu Kylin 18.10: Feedback

Search Screenshot

A New Feature of Ubuntu Kylin 18.10: Feedback


A New Feature of Ubuntu Kylin 18.10: Feedback

File Manager

5. System Log

Logs can help our developers learn more about the exception. You can check the logs to upload. Generally speaking, bugs about system running (such as crash) will record messages in syslog. Bugs about application running (such as application crash) will record messages in apport.log. And bugs about application-related package installation or uninstallation (such as lack of dependency on software packages) will record messages in dpkg.log. At present, the log function is not perfect, you can only upload a very small part of the recent log content. Please look forward to it!


Please fill in code correctly.

7. Submit

After filling in the above content correctly, you can click Submit to feedback the problems. We may communicate with you by email. 

Through the Feedback program, you can submit your feedback to us more directly and conveniently, which is helpful for us to deal with problems or answer your questions in time. We welcome your questions, comments or suggestions.